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    Kelly Whitt
    Photo of star Bellatrix, with a comet sweeping near.

    Bellatrix is Orion’s 3rd-brightest star

    The bluish-white shoulder star, Bellatrix, aka Gamma Orionis, has a name that means “female warrior.” Bellatrix is one of the hottest stars you can see without optical aid.

    The terminator separates day from night on the moon.

    What is the moon’s terminator line?

    The moon’s terminator is the dividing line between day and night on the moon. As we see it from Earth, it marks the line of lunar sunsets or sunrises. Earth and other worlds in our solar system have terminator lines, too.

    Composite image showing constellation Taurus and several meteors radiating from it.

    Taurid meteors rain down in November

    The South and North Taurid meteor showers ramble along during November and often produce fireballs. Beautiful Taurid photos from EarthSky community members – plus more about the shower – here.

    Composite satellite image of Earth's western hemisphere (North and South America) at night.

    Paul Bogard on why we need darkness

    Light at night may be a sign of life on Earth, but the darkness will proclaim our true intelligence. Check out this video on why we need darkness, from Paul Bogard.