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    Eleanor Imster
    Telescopic image of the sun, showing several spots.

    Scientists predicted a large sunspot. Now it’s here

    Last week, scientists from the National Solar Observatory predicted a large sunspot would emerge before Thanksgiving. Now the sunspot – AR2786 – is in view. Here’s how they did it.

    2020 Atlantic hurricane season busiest on record

    The formation of Subtropical Storm Theta on November 10 over the northeastern Atlantic Ocean made the 2020 season the most active on the 169-year record.

    Clovis made stone tools for only around 300 years

    The Clovis, some of North America’s earliest inhabitants, only made stone tools during a brief 300-year period from 13,050 to 12,750 years ago, new research shows.

    NASA re-establishes contact with Voyager 2 spacecraft

    On October 29, NASA re-established contact with its Voyager 2 spacecraft, after the probe was left flying solo for 7 months while repairs were made to the radio antenna in Australia used to control it.

    2020 Antarctic ozone hole among largest, deepest in recent years

    This year’s ozone hole covers most of the Antarctic continent and is among the largest and deepest in recent years.

    Lighting a path to find Planet Nine

    The search for Planet Nine – a hypothesized 9th planet in our solar system – may come down to pinpointing the faintest orbital trails in an incredibly dark corner of space.

    Earth just had its hottest September on record

    September 2020 was our planet’s hottest September since 1880. With 3 months left, 2020 could rank among the top 3 warmest years on record for the globe.

    Worsening rifts and fractures spotted at 2 important Antarctic glaciers

    Satellite imagery has revealed that 2 of the fastest-changing glaciers in Antarctica – Pine Island and Thwaites – are fracturing and weakening faster than ever, a step towards the glaciers’ disintegrating and causing sea levels to rise dramatically.

    Inside the secret lives of synchronous fireflies

    In the Smoky Mountains, thousands of fireflies flash in unison. Researchers want to know how.

    Detailed new image of famous stellar nursery

    Gorgeous, detailed image of the Carina Nebula, a star nursery approximately 8,500 light-years away, as observed with the Gemini South telescope in Chile.